Blending a passion

Coffee has never tasted so good.

Thanks to an innovative idea by a group of coffee and footy fanatics – you can now enjoy an exquisite brew of coffee, with a little touch of team pride. is the latest venture by Melbourne-based ‘The Branded Coffee Co.‘ who are bringing their passion of Australian Football together with the finest blends of coffee into an AFL themed, Nespresso compatible pod.

The opportunistic thought has turned into a dream come true for entrepreneurial coffee lover and Director Cameron Rudolph with the unveiling of his new “pride and joy”.


The venture, which launched late in 2016, “gives footy fans the opportunity to not only support their team in a new way, but they can do so by enjoying a delicious cup of coffee” according to Mr Rudolph.

“We noticed there was a little gap in the coffee pod market, and getting this deal over the line to produce is a real coup for us,” he told MarkUp Media.

“The process of finding the right blends, getting the design right and now implementing our plan has been a terrific experience and being involved with the AFL, which I grew up loving, has been great.”

The coffee within the pods is a feature – let alone the support it offers to AFL teams and fans alike.

Using only the finest imported coffee beans, the roasting process is all completed here in Australia, as is the packaging and distribution. The flavour is evident of this, with the quality of the blend shining through.

“Coming in, our goal first and foremost is to make a blend that not only competes with other varieties in the market – but surpass them,” Mr Rudolph said.

“The coffee market is highly competitive, which is why we spent so much time getting it right, as well as testing through independent panels to ensure it is a product that is well received.

“What we have produced is a stronger blend of coffee that can cut through the milk to really bring out all those flavour notes that Australian coffee lovers will enjoy.”


A recent independent blind taste test revealed that the pods ticked all the right boxes with industry experts, with the results giving a further boost to Mr Rudolph and the team to progress with their venture.

“Our ideal scenario for our customers is for them to be able to sit back at home, drop a pod of coffee from their favourite team in and enjoy,” he said.

“The footy season can be long and cold at times, and enjoying a delicious coffee can set you up for a good day regardless of how your team is going.”

Globally, coffee pods are causing quite the stir. Pods accounted for more than one quarter (26%) of all global coffee retail innovation in 2016, up from 11% of launches in 2011.

These stats, along with the regular increase of AFL fan engagement are the exact reason why this marriage of AFL and coffee is the perfect fit.

The reaction to the venture has already been well received by fans and teams, with the combination of a terrific product and a genuine support of the team branded on the product a huge bonus.

Available online, the venture is also the very first AFL branded vendor in the market to utilise the newly minted ‘.afl’ URL for their site. This innovative thinking will enable to further their reach within the AFL community, which stretches all over the country.


“We see ourselves as a unique opportunity to support the game of AFL, as well as supporting the enjoyment of a good coffee at home,” Mr Rudolph said.

“We love the coffee, and we hope all the AFL fans out there do as well.”

You can read more about the story by heading to their website, and you can also pick up a box of your favourite team’s coffee pods either for yourself or as a gift.

The Nespresso compatible product is certainly one to look out for; we have also had extensive trials of it here at MarkUpMedia headquarters, and we will be hitting the re-order button soon.

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