Code hop for hooper?

Female basketball prodigy Montana Farrah-Seaton has caught the AFLW bug.

The Under 19 World Championship bronze medallist and highly sought after fitness model has hinted at a possible code swap after watching the opening weeks of the AFLW season.

Like many others around the country, the Albury/Wodonga product, who at just 20-years-old has represented Australia in three tournaments at the Under 19 level, has been captivated by the success of the competition.

Montana Farrah-Seaton puts up a shot while playing for Australia.
A self-confessed “sports fanatic”, Farrah-Seaton grew up loving the game of AFL, but drifted away from the sport as the opportunities fell away – also while she hit such dizzying heights with the game of basketball.

“I’ve always been a Hooper, but there’s always been other sports growing up for me – like netball, tennis, swimming, soccer, triathlons, water polo and recently boxing,” she told MarkUp Media.

 “During high school, I used to play AFL and always loved it.”

Her love of the code never stopped, even with the distraction that came with her successful careers in basketball and modelling, where she plays in the SEABL for Albury/Wodonga and represents the Chadwick Models organisation. But despite having options to play football in different levels, the draw to the sport is much stronger now with the professionalism that is on display.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 8.08.35 AM.png
Montana represents modelling agency Chadwick.
“The fact that it (AFLW) is a new professional sport and gives athletes the ability to showcase their abilities on the field is really exciting,” she said. “I think with the way I train, it could really suit the game. Obviously it’s a little more difficult bouncing a footy than it is a basketball, but I’m always up for a challenge and trying new things.”

Farrah-Seaton’s training regime is one of elite preparation and constant pushing of the boundaries, such is the demands of both her modelling work and her sporting pursuits.

An ‘average’ day for the 178cm fitness fanatic includes:

5am: Wakeup, supplements, vitamins, hydrate

6-7am: Gym – either circuit class or weights

8-9am: Reformer Pilates (if work schedule permits)

3-4pm: 1hr boxing session with trainer Kade @ Adrenaline Boxing

5pm: Another quick hit out of cardio, about 45mins


Fitness is key ot Montana’s success.
“For me fitness and sport has always been a big part of my life and my desire to always be the best keeps me going every day,” she said.

“I’m always trying to challenge myself and push my limits even further, now with social media channels like Instagram open to everyone, I’m always seeing these crazy workout moves – so I try to recreate them. It’s all fun for me.

“I wholeheartedly believe that if you focus on being the best possible version of yourself and you continually push and challenge yourself to become better in the gym than it’s going to relate to your work.”

Montana’s work doesn’t end within the bounds of a gym or training facility either, with her diet being pivotal to her success.

“Diet is also a crucial part of my routine, and it really goes hand in hand with everything I do fitness related,” she said.”From starting the day drinking activated charcoal, to cooking up fresh vegetables and fish, I really make sure what I put in my body enhances everything I do in the gym.

“I love making up new combinations for smoothies at home but for when I’m on the run I love my YouFoodz meals, as they’re so easy in between training. My latest obession is Poké bowls, so delicious!”

A strict diet is all part of the program.
This work rate would ensure a smooth transition to the newly minted profession of AFLW, with both the physical and mental aspects being tested daily in Farrah-Seaton’s program.

Fronting up to crowds of thousands on the runway is a daunting prospect for any person, but the confidence that Farrah-Seaton possesses comes from knowing the work has been put in place.

Montana keeps a strong core to perform.
But don’t let the looks and style fool you, one aspect of the AFLW that has drawn this model toward it is actually the physicality.

“On a basketball court, you can be physical to a point but you really are restricted by the rules – out on a football field is completely different,” she said.

“Playing a contact sport where you can tackle people legally is a definite draw for me.”

AFLW 2017 Rd 02 - Fremantle v Brisbane
The physicality of AFLW draws the interest of competitors like Montana.
The AFLW has been a revelation in Australia, and has opened the eyes of millions of onlookers, resulting the AFL looking into the possibility of shifting the Grand Final to the MCG.

The speed of the game, the physicality and the professional nature of the competition has created new avenues for females to reach their sporting potential. It has given many a dream which can now be fulfilled.

So, if an AFLW recruiter came knocking on her door tomorrow?

“I’m always up for trying new things and new sports,” she said. “I would definitely consider it if the opportunity presented itself. I think that’s the only way to find out if something is for you or not, I might love it or I might hate it. But you never know until you try.”

You can follow the busy life of Montana Farrah-Seaton and see some of her workout efforts through her Instagram account – @montanafarrahseaton – which has an impressive following of more than 38k.

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